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The Story Behind the Designs

A few summers ago I found myself sleeping on a boat in a cove tucked deep within the San Juan Islands. These particular islands are protected within the Puget Sound from the wave patterns that frequent most coastal places. The tides rising and falling, on windless days, without much to say. Covering coves and beaches slowly like a blanket. That night was a quiet one, without wind or waves to rock us. The water so soft the milky way painted itself as a mirror from sea to sky. Bioluminescence lit our hands and feet dangled off the side of the boat once the sun finally crested the horizon. This phenomenon has always felt, to me, a bit like fairy magic. Only igniting with the pull of the moon in the crest of a wave or the push of hand.

As a kid I collected these moments and objects of the same fairy magic. Rocks, feathers, flowers, and stories lined my pockets. This collection is the nostalgia of our childhood treasures as we are all still gathering things we love and cherish. Each stone was hand selected and setting hand sketched to create a one of a kind design. These pieces are responsibly made from recycled 14k yellow gold and traceable gemstones. They are inspired by the saltwater of the pacific northwest, the sea glass that ignites wonder within a child, and the star patterns that continue to help us find our way North.