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Jewelry Warranty and Repairs

We stand behind our craft and guarantee the structural integrity of all jewelry for one year from purchase date. Luz guarantees against all defects of materials and craftsmanship of our jewelry, however normal wear and tear, neglect, or accidental damage is not considered. This type of normal wear or damage includes scratches, dents, or bends in metals and softer stones, flattened/worn prongs, etc.

Melee diamonds (2mm diamonds or smaller) will be replaced free of charge within the first 6 months after purchase. If the piece has been damaged due to wear resulting in the loss of a melee diamond, we can replace it at cost to the client.

Center stones are not under warranty and should be insured. It is important to quickly add jewelry to a homeowners, renters, or individual policy; this will protect against loss, damage or theft of jewelry. 

Please contact us if your jewelry is in need of repair. We want to get your piece fixed and ready for wear again for years to come!

Any work, repair, or sizing performed on your piece other than with Luz Jewelry voids the warranty on the piece.

Cleaning and Jewelry Care

Jewelry should be treated with care and worn for occasion appropriate events given the nature of the piece. We recommend cleaning your jewelry with a soft bristle toothbrush in warm soapy water (dawn dish soap works like a dream!)


Our clients are provided one complimentary resize per ring. Additional resizing can be quoted for your piece. Frequent resizing of a ring can lead to a loss of integrity to the piece and should be avoided.

Resizing or repair with any jeweler other than Luz voids the warranty on your piece. Please contact us for support.